The Friends of Oakwood Cemetery is a volunteer organization with a mission to preserve, protect and promote Oakwood Cemetery, a historic cemetery in Macomb, Illinois. 


The Friends of Oakwood Cemetery

  • Support the upkeep and beautification of the cemetery
  • Raise funds for the cemetery, through donations and bequests
  • Maintain contact with relatives of those buried at Oakwood Cemetery, through a newsletter and a website and in doing so enlarge support beyond present town residents
  • Develop cultural events connected with the cemetery, including tours, monument dedications or re-dedications, dramatic performances, and other events
  • Promote the cemetery as a symbol of community

Update on Latest news for Oakwood Cemetery!

1. Oakwood has been awarded Landmark designation by the Macomb City Council.

2. The Illinois State Historical Society has approved Macombs' Oakwood Cemetery application for a Historical Marker to be included in the States Bicentennial Celebration in 2018.

3. Funding is being raised to cover the cost of purchase and installation of the Historical Marker. 

NOTE: The Friends of Oakwood Cemetery are still looking for funds for the Historical Marker.

4. The State Historical Society has the proposed language for the marker, approved by the City of Macomb.